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How it Works

Individuals submit their profiles on our website: this profile will provide basic information  about themselves and  what they are looking for in a spouse 

We have a small, dedicated team who work with you to help you find a spouse that is compatible with your needs. 

Individual profiles will be part of a database that will ONLY be accessible by other database members and will ONLY be visible if the individual wants it to be visible to other members. 

There are two options for finding a spouse:

Option 1: Search our private database for a suitable spouse

If you choose, you can make your profile visible to other members of our database.  Only members of our database will be able to see your profile; it will not be visible to everyone.

You will be able to search the database using your personal preferences to identify potential matches.

If you are interested in someone’ s profile, you can send a contact request.  If that person accepts, you can communicate through our email service; you do not have to exchange any personal contact information unless you want to.

If you are contacted by someone you are not interested in, you can refuse the contact request, and that person will not be able to contact you any more.

Option 2: Allow us to do the searching for you

 If you do not want to make your profile visible, we have a small, dedicated team who will work with you to help you find a spouse. We will search the database for you, and if we find one, we will give you both the option of making contact. No one will be contacted unless they agree to be contacted.

Single Socials

The South East Muslim Matrimony program offers single socials where singles can meet other singles in a chaperoned, halal environment. Sometimes it’s hard to get to know a person through a short profile description.  Come to these activities to meet  someone that maybe you overlooked in the database.